Dustin Wilson @dustin@dustinwilson.com

Leafy leaves. Finally getting back into this after a long period of technical matters, one of which being a new computer.

I’ve written a bit about moving away from Apple hardware and building a hackintosh.


Been spending a lot of time tinkering with computers lately, first with building a new computer and now with migrating my server. Maybe soon I'll be able to do something fun lol...

@lychee Either on this migration or on the last one I seem to have lost some people in my follower list. Does yours show as following me?

And... forgot to migrate the database to the new version. Now things are working correctly. Haha...

Also, Happy Canada day to our sane friends to the north of us. Eat some more poutine and enjoy watching our dumpster fire play out!

Mastodon's suggestions for database backup has postgre exporting a binary file. That's not convenient if you need to later edit the file and change all the ownerships to a different user.

Mastodon could make docker -> conventional install migrations a lot easier by using the same database and usernames between each. In the database docker image it uses postgres/postgres as the user and database name while on a regular install it's mastodon/mastodon_production.

I really, really loathe Docker. Literally every single time I've used it Docker has came back to bite me in the ass. The latest time was yesterday when Docker decided to take a dirt nap and take my mastodon instance with it. After a ridiculously long time trying to get it to work I just gave up and have temporarily migrated it to a vm with Mastodon installed the conventional way until I can take the time to fix it on the server itself.

Been putting off upgrading to 2.4.0 until I had time to deal with it. Glad I did because boy was that a mess.

Work-in-progress. Working on it a bit by bit, like an hour or two before bed at the most. I’m working on it a bit differently than I normally would, so we’ll see how it goes.

Had some permissions problems with my Mastodon install (that's impossible!). Hopefully got that sorted.

Zora Neal Huston interviewed the last known survivor of the Clotilda, the last known U.S. slave ship — that smuggled enslaved Africans to Alabama in 1860, a full 50 years after importing slaves was outlawed.