Run the original WorldWideWeb in a browser tab! My website is quite usable in it. (sorry put the wrong link in the last one)

I only noticed it was midnight because my phone notified me. I have a typical bedtime notification, but I have another that goes off right before midnight that says “Get your ass to bed.” I imagine the phone’s saying that in Schwarzenegger’s voice.

Spent all my evening doing client work apparently lol. Got home, ate supper, and got to work. Aside from bathroom breaks I didn’t get up. Next thing I know it’s midnight and I’m really thirsty. I like that I got a lot done but man don’t need to make a habit of this!

I eventually was sidelined to the websites team which was fine by me. Actually got to make stuff instead of running in circles.

I worked on their post-Presto redesign. Wish we were allowed to do what we mocked up and designed. There were a lot of features that showed up in other browsers eventually we weren't even given the go ahead to make interactive mockups.

I just learned on the radio that the city of Cologne is taking 360° photos of the city for administrative purposes (such as measuring the maximum passage height of streets).
I bet that most big cities do the same.
Wouldn't it make sense for @openstreetmap to ask them to make those photos available under a compatible license so they can be used in OSM?

"Designing for Dark Mode" by Kirupa

`prefers-color-scheme: dark` is so cool. I gotta start using that.

New blog post: "Building a modern carousel with CSS scroll snap, smooth scrolling, and pinch-zoom"

In which I extol the virtues of not bothering with third-party carousel libraries, and just building it yourself! The web of 2019 is quite capable. 😊

Fixing some #a11y issues in the upcoming image carousel for #Pinafore :

I'm continually reminded that I'm only able to effectively tackle accessibility issues when I can use VoiceOver (on macOS) for testing. I've never found a better screenreader from a developer's viewpoint.

Things I like about VoiceOver:

- shows text overlay in addition to speaking
- is built in to macOS
- takes like 10 minutes to learn how to use

Check out for a good overview of how to use VoiceOver. I'm only slightly exaggerating to say that I didn't "get" accessibility until I watched this video and learned how to use it.

Doesn't help, too, that what I'm working on uses shadow dom, and Safari -- while it supports it -- doesn't expose it in their dev tools. Whee!

I have a hate-hate relationship with iOS at best, but... man debugging websites never ceases to be a pain on iOS especially when it comes to forcing it to refresh the cache.

Was sleeting outside, and people were panicking at the pizza shop. "I need to get home before it gets really bad!"

The shutdown of #GooglePlus is yet another warning sign for anybody providing valuable content to any closed, centralized platform.
Many of us will see shutdown of #facebook, #YouTube, #Twitter, you name it. Think about it.
Use services who support #decentralization and data export & import.

I don't get Pocket or Wallabag or bookmarking services.

When I want to save something to read for later, I just save it. As HTML or ePub. And read it later on reader app. Offline.

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