"...in my hangry state I punched the pizza, broke and burned my hand" - best comment heard at work this week. 😆

I boost a post encouraging people to use a DNS-over-HTTP server written in Go that’s meant to be run in a Docker container followed by a post about how horribly inefficient software is today. Yep.

Read this. This article pretty summarizes what I see every day. And when I criticize it, half of the audience doesn't understand my point. They are simply to young and grew up with smart phones and fast lines.

"Software disenchantment": tonsky.me/blog/disenchantment/ via kurtm@bsd.network

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I accidentally bought orange juice with high pulp in it today. Ugh. That'll teach me to go to the grocery store really early in the morning.

Hi everyone! I'm one of the artists in Encounters with the Imaginary 3, it's on kickstarter until the end of the month! My creature is a Feathertail Wyvern. kickstarter.com/projects/19350 #art #illustration #wyvern #fantasy

You know that colour called "medium brown"?

I thought of a better name, but it's medi-ochre.

I currently use an iPhone 6s which is a hand-me-down from my sister. Glad it didn’t die on me and hope it doesn’t. My previous one was a 5s I bought at launch and used until May of this year when its lightning port wore out. Just not interested enough in forking over so much money for a new model, iOS or Android.

My phone decided to drop dead for a while today.

It got me thinking. Smartphones especially are wasteful things. Many people upgrade them far too often only to get a device that can’t do anything practical that’s better than the predecessor, and if they break they’re mostly just replaced because fixing them is a harder process. Even if recycled that’s still immensely wasteful.

Today ive been reflecting on a conversation I had with a stranger during the early days of smartphones. He tried to tell me about companies who desire to fill pockets with devices, that it is but a small step in a large scheme to mine the population of its personal data. That our data, our personal lives, would easily become assets for sale.

I thought this was ridiculous.

Listen to your elders.

I was trying to access a particular website in the wayback machine, but it looks like it's completely broken because it's React-based and some of the key JavaScript wasn't archived. As a result, the site doesn't load at all - it's an entirely blank page.

Starting to worry about how many pages are going to end up like this. JS-free fallbacks aren't just about people who turn JS off in their browsers!

Peppers in nature: Imma make myself spicy to keep mammals from eating me.

Humans: Oh god this fruit gives me mouth burn.

Peppers: haha i win

Humans: Im gonna eat 10 more and put some on my meat.

Peppers: Goddamnit.

Humans: Now im going to breed them for extra mouth burns.

Peppers: I...what..

And people wonder why residential IoT isn't taking off...
Like 1/3rd of my Airbnb's binder are instructions on how the Echo works and what specific words control which specific lights and exhortations to please not use the actual, physical light switches.

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