J'ai complètement oublié de vous montrer cette beauté par @anaisfae , honte à moi. Merci encore ✨

Day 16 . I managed to do half of the prompts this year. I didn’t finish this one in time, but it’s interesting nonetheless in its present form. It’s of crystals from the Naica cave in Mexico which are absolutely gigantic in scale.

Day 15 . Haven’t had time lately OTL. Caterpillar is having a difficult time when the weak twig broke.

Liking Mast for the most part. Wish I could disable the long-hold thing all together. By default it changes the theme, so whenever I try to copy text it would change the theme. Now it just shows confetti and celebrates my text selection. Also wish it had a way to add descriptions to images for accessibility reasons.

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day 12 “They like you very much, but they’re not the hell your whales.”

Day 11 . Way too far behind to catch up now, but oh well! This is a shoebill stork, a bird native to Africa whose young fight to the death in a cruel showing of survival of the fittest. That cruelty is outshone by the fact they’re nearly killed to extinction because they’re believed to be “unlucky”. mastodon.dustinwilson.com/medi

Spent an hour today trying to explain to a client that the photoshop file I sent him was there in the Dropbox folder, but he was convinced nothing was there because Dropbox couldn’t generate a preview for that one file when the other two had previews... gotta love bad ui.

Day 9 . I wanted to show how precious wildlife is. Black Rhinos are almost hunted to extinction. This depicts a baby rhino and a projection of her parent. Not sure if that registers, probably would better if I had something in the background. mastodon.dustinwilson.com/medi

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Huge Star Trek fan here, but I got to say: The Orville is better than all the recent Star Trek franchises I've seen.

You can roast me now.

You can see a demo of my minimal, brutalist no-JS Mastodon front-end running on my home server:

Or, if you fancy a bit more grunt, you can clone it and run it for your own instances :)

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