This was sent to me from Birdsite:

It's amazing after I, myself, spent a lot of time and effort to evangelize for the open Web to see some asshole who apparently was part of tearing down Edge to call for the destruction of Mozilla.

I really should tell people to not send me anything from Birdsite. I left there for a reason.

I'll personally stick up for Mozilla despite personally being treated unfairly in attempts to get employed there not just once but twice.

@dustin Also: his argument is stupid and, in a way, circular.

"What if we had a body..." Like W3C and WHATWG?

"Mozilla is pushing their own standards," ... Like Google and Apple and Microsoft did/do?

"What if Mozilla contributed to Chromium/WebKit?"

Well then you'd have competing implementations and forks of WebKit. Or Google just saying "No" to everything that didn't originate with them and eating more market share.

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