I haven't actually used my new phone all that much. Been too busy, and really I'm not glued to it like many are. I was looking through some of my own work last night and instantly noticed the colors were horribly oversaturated. I was pleasantly shocked to discover that it's possible to select color profiles on Android. I chose the DCI P3 one. Lineage should not be using a low gamut profile by default on phones with high gamut displays. I really wish I could properly calibrate my phone now...

Also it looks like the entire OS applies the profile? If true that'd be another pleasant surprise. Only macOS so far has had true color management. Windows and Linux/BSD/etc only apply profiles to applications which specifically have color management capabilities (Photoshop, Krita, etc.) The rest of the OS isn't managed and INSTANTLY noticeable on wide gamut displays. Windows will apply LUT values system wide though, but Linux requires manually installing and setting up a LUT loader to do that.

Worth noting that web browsers are color managed on all desktop OSes, too. Firefox isn't fully managed by default, though. You have to manually tell it a display profile to use still, but if you have multiple displays that's really awkward.

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