Biggest issue I'm having with using Linux as my primary OS is color management. My displays are 99% Adobe RGB gamut displays, so everything is over saturated. I used DisplayCAL to calibrate the displays and applied the color profiles which applied and visibly changed the colors. However, everything still looks oversaturated.

Download the monitor profiles from the manufacturercs page. I think you can load that profile's file to make the systems use that instead.

@Jayrive I have a Colormunki that DisplayCal uses to create valid profiles. The manufacturer's profiles do the same thing. Any profile does, really. The CMS doesn't seem to be clamping non-profiled color to sRGB, resulting in everything being oversaturated unless in an app like Krita where I can specify a color profile or if viewing an image online with an implicit color profile.

Check that caldav because it can be a framework for a cli program and maybe the framework can show one thing but in the background does another thing or doesn't work properly. You can check it running the program in a terminal and see if the verbosity is showing that is working

@Jayrive Okay. I'll look at it this evening when I get home. Thanks for your help!

@Jayrive Looks like everything is in order. colord is running, and xiccd does its thing. Color profiles are applying because I can visibly see the colors change when I apply them. It's just not forcing untagged colors to sRGB, and that appears to be by design from what I can read which is unfortunate. Most everything looks horrendously over saturated unless it's a document in Krita or Firefox.

I wonder if you can force the profile towards your windows manager... What de are you using (don't say gnome, please....)

@Jayrive That's how I was applying color profiles before Xfce had a color profiles dialog which uses colord/xiccd (my other computers using Linux all have regular gamut displays lol). It's all applying, just doesn't assume sRGB if untagged in UI. Windows doesn't do it either... if you can get color profiles to work in it at all. macOS makes everything sRGB unless something is tagged and has since the early 90s. I'd like it to work like that, but it doesn't look like it will. Appreciate the help!

No problem. I'm just a curious guy that likes to solve or get answer to problem. Too bad that some mabufacturers likes to make users life a hell so that you wnd using their crap in the system they want and not the one you need or like. Anyway I will keep my gipe in open hardware because look how open software made our life easier. It will be better when open hardware become a reality! :blobcatcoffee:

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