@MK Wanted to follow you ever since I found out you were on the fediverse, but couldn't! My instance wasn't working. Just got it kinda working now. Haha.

@dustin my dude i was like holy crap Dustin is a tooter!!

@MK I can toot with the best of em! Noticed you're not following @ToonLink. Why is this?

@dustin Hey guy! :D Nice to see you here!

It's okay, @MK doesn't have to follow. ^^ My account isn't actually all that interesting between art postings, haha.

Also fandom.Ink is small enough that we can keep track of each other easily enough through the local timeline.

He still shows up in my threads for witty commentary. :D

@dustin Whoaaa, I didn't know you were an artist, dude! Hot damn, look at this stuff! This is amazing!

Not gonna lie, I'm doubly humbled now that you decided to follow, haha! I'm going to have to art really hard to make it worth your while.

@dustin @ToonLink

lmao I check the feed almost every day I thought I was already followin'.

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