Been working on a delayed project to move my firewall to an OPNsense box. I personally don't have too much experience outside basic routers/switches. It wasn't too bad setting it up. Only annoying thing that turned out to be something with OPNsense itself was setting up a bridge so the additional ports would act as a switch. Was more difficult than it should have been IMO.


The most annoying thing that took most of the day to figure out was from the box my ISP provides. It's meant to act as the router. I had my own, but there wasn't a simple bridge mode but instead multiple settings to disable. One thing you needed to do was spoof the router's WAN port MAC address. Since I changed routers that changed, too. I was pulling my nonexistent hair out trying to figure that out until something clicked and I remembered that thing I did once a year ago :/

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