I've been using my new M1 MacBook Air for a few days now. Having NEVER used MacOS before, here are my first impressions.


@kev cmd + backspace to delete a file, cmd + opt + backspace to permanently delete a file. Works everywhere, even USB drives.

There used to be cut for files in the Finder, but it's been gone for a bit. However, similar functionality exists. You can do cmd + c to copy the file then cmd + opt + v in another folder to move it.


@kev Window management is different in macOS, but I prefer it over everything else. Get used to these shortcuts:

cmd + h: hide application's windows
cmd + m: minimize window to dock
cmd + q: quit process
cmd + w: close window

The x on a window not closing a process is understandably annoying at first for people, but in macOS the window isn't the app. It's a window of the app. macOS will hibernate apps when you get close to running out of RAM, but you're better off learning the shortcuts above.

@kev There are more window management stuff like ctrl + down which will tile all the windows of the active application on the screen. The odd shortcut is because it's meant to be used in conjunction with spaces which use ctrl + left and right to cycle between spaces and ctrl + up to tile windows for moving between spaces (they should just combine up and down into one). Also spaces in macOS are per display like i3, awesome, xmonad, etc. so aren't useless when using multiple displays.

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