Haven't seen the final episode of Prehistoric Planet yet, but I've really enjoyed it so far. I wish each episode were an hour long rather than 30 minutes. My opinion so far has been "That's it?" after the end of every episode. I understand why; it's all CG. It's really well done. Most times I can watch and just forget it's all fake. One major criticism to me is the world is devoid of shit. The pterosaur cliffs should have been covered in filth like those for birds today are.

The titanosaurs would have dropped massive poos. There was that one from the deinocheirus, but it was kind of for dramatic effect instead of just being part of the environment which is what I'm thinking is missing.

@dustin I’ve only been halfway watching but saw the one from deinocheirus. And honestly that was enough for me. I haven’t seen a ton of Attenborough style documentaries but I’m not sure how much they focus on the animals pooping.

@jeremy I'm not talking about the animals themselves pooping, but the environmental effects of their being there. When you see birds roosting on a cliff it's covered in shit. The pterosaurs roosting on cliffs and such were pristine as if they weren't there... because they're not.

@jeremy Planet Earth focused on a cave with meters deep bat guano at the bottom and just as many cockroaches feeding on it. So, the deinocheirus plop was pretty tame compared to that lol.

@dustin oh wow that actually does sound interesting. And good points.
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