I started on this about three weeks ago, but I have been too occupied with other stuff to finish it, so here is a casein painting of a polar bear.

Day 10 This one's probably my weakest one yet, from either year. It's meh, but I'm sharing it anyway. It's a pangolin scale pattern.

Alpaca painted in casein on paper. When practicing on my last one I painted a few other sheets of paper. I decided to paint this on one of them. Kind of looks like it's photobombing haha.

Casein sketch of a clownfish in my new tiny sketchbook. Practicing layering with casein as it seals like acrylic when it dries.

Practice gouache painting done over the weekend of a pink flamingo. Like my practice pieces lately the subject was chosen at random.

New practice piece. Random subject, random color palette. Subject is a coyote, painted digitally from a random photo on the internet using a color palette generated from colormind.io.

So went to the grocery store, and as I was walking to the front door I saw someone had dropped some eggs in the parking lot. As I walked by this one I could hear it sizzling. If you've never seen what an egg frying on concrete looks like this is it. lol

My girlfriend and I were looking for something to draw, so we used an animal generator. I rolled an airedale terrier. Funnily enough she has a giant one named Bear; this is him.

Giving Krita a try again (last time I used it was before hardware acceleration). Spent an inordinate amount of time playing around with brush settings and made a couple I like then painted a mason jar to test things out. Really like it. Might write my thoughts on the app on my blog.

Worked a bit more on my sketch tonight, focusing on adding clothing to a figure. Don’t quite have it right yet. Still need to work on compression wrinkles from the arms and hands resting on the fabric, but getting there...

First art post in a long while as I haven’t worked on anything I can show. This is a sketch of a painting I’m starting. Very early in the process. Still trying to get composition working. Changing things up on what I’ve done lately. While this will be painted in a realistic style as usual, certain parts of it will be a bit more caricatured.

Day 16 . I managed to do half of the prompts this year. I didn’t finish this one in time, but it’s interesting nonetheless in its present form. It’s of crystals from the Naica cave in Mexico which are absolutely gigantic in scale.

Day 15 . Haven’t had time lately OTL. Caterpillar is having a difficult time when the weak twig broke.

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