Dustin Wilson @dustin@dustinwilson.com

I've been here since January, but since a lot of people have joined recently here's my .

I'm a , , and . I care passionately about and have advocated for them since the early aughts.

I primarily paint digitally but have an background in traditional , specifically oils and gouache.

I have a tendency to say a lot, but don't mind me. I'm just quoting The Librarian from .

Leafy leaves. Finally getting back into this after a long period of technical matters, one of which being a new computer.

Work-in-progress. Working on it a bit by bit, like an hour or two before bed at the most. I’m working on it a bit differently than I normally would, so we’ll see how it goes.

Got this in the mail instead of the earphones I ordered. Fascinating.

This correctly describes the past couple of days.