Day 9 . I wanted to show how precious wildlife is. Black Rhinos are almost hunted to extinction. This depicts a baby rhino and a projection of her parent. Not sure if that registers, probably would better if I had something in the background.

Day 5 . I’m -REALLY- far behind now. That’s okay. I’ve had a lot to do otherwise, and I stupidly got caught up in the abstract shapes...

Day 1 of on day 2! Forgot about the first day so doing the first one late.

“Keeping Watch”

Finally done; finished it last night. Started on it in April and have painted on it a bit at a time right before bed. Can see a larger resolution version on my website:

I've been here since January, but since a lot of people have joined recently here's my .

I'm a , , and . I care passionately about and have advocated for them since the early aughts.

I primarily paint digitally but have an background in traditional , specifically oils and gouache.

I have a tendency to say a lot, but don't mind me. I'm just quoting The Librarian from .

Leafy leaves. Finally getting back into this after a long period of technical matters, one of which being a new computer.

Work-in-progress. Working on it a bit by bit, like an hour or two before bed at the most. I’m working on it a bit differently than I normally would, so we’ll see how it goes.

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