Does the new Mac Pro come with a diamond-studded case? What about its wheels? Are they gold plated? The price of this thing is stupid.

Take a moment to consider the profound impact each of us has in the fediverse.

The fact we can communicate across the world using open source technology is pretty amazing.

We also have a responsibility, as developers, to ensure platform privacy and safety are legitimate priorities and not just buzzwords used in marketing.

We can do it better than Silicon Valley if we step outside our bubbles and listen to the people. The fediverse depends on it!

I think it's a sign you're getting old when terminology the younger generation is using grates on you. Guess I've been old all my life.

Hello, World!

That's the entire source code you need for an HTML document that displays hello world. Thirteen bytes. It works in all web browsers since the beginning of time.

Doing this with a modern website building library will run you into the megabytes range.

Are modern website building libraries worth increasing your overhead by tens of thousands of times? Is writing 300 lines of code ten thousand times easier than writing one?

Just had my work computer somehow delete my user, preventing me from logging in. Never seen that before. How's your day going?

@kel The biggest question I have is how long are Google, Facebook, et al. going to be signed up for it because they're part of the problem, not the solution.

"404 Page Not Found" by Kate Wagner

"Because websites had to either become apps or self-optimize for mobile, web design declined from its creative, more variegated heights to become flat, highly minimalistic, and multi-platform, and the results are, frankly, fucking boring."

Loved everything about this post. A great homage to the old, user-centric web.

@xuv I chose something else, but I initially went with freenas. I wasn't pleased with it because I didn't have the funds to feed it a gargantuan amount of memory just to run a filesystem. The support forums were of the RTFM kind, so I bought a license to Unraid.

Running an old node project, 2015: fails because no lockfile

Running an old node project, 2019: npm has found 3,000 vulnerabilities across 5 million dependencies

"I'm never buying a Blizzard game again because of China!"

* Blizzard releases the trailer for Diablo IV *

"Shut up and take my money!"

@peter @nolan First thing I thought about WebAssembly when it was being discussed before launch is that the first thing WebAssembly would be used for outside of tech demos was for malicious means. It's the perfect use case for it.

A while ago I asked my patrons what features they'd like to see in future Mastodon releases. Now, I'd like to ask you, my followers. I'd like to hear what people outside of GitHub think.


@nolan It does as long as the old packages are compatible with the installed node version. If not I might as well upgrade. I got it working after a fashion because thankfully it's a tiny project.

It is great opening up a 6 month old project only to find the npm packages don't work because various projects make many breaking changes for arbitrary reasons. The worst are configuration file changes.

It also seems to use a bit less memory? That's been a nice chance considering this is the most memory hungry thing on my server by a long shot.

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