@nolan I really tried to use TypeScript and even authored a project for a while in it. While my code was type safe I spent most of my time searching online for workarounds than actually writing code, especially when using web components. I'd love the features TypeScript offers without the duct-taped feeling it has when writing it.

Vending machine. Never thought I'd paint a bag of chips and a soda can, but here I am. Work-in-progress of a personal piece.

@estebanm I'd love to use it with my own domain. The UI looks really well thought out.

@matt If it's an authentic Italian restaurant yeah... pasta anytime. But, authentic Italian pizza is good too... UGH... CHOICES. Wait... BOTH!

@cassidyjames Yeah, speed is the entire point of a Sonic game, and there's a thrill of zooming through a well made classic Sonic game level. However, if you stop or run into an enemy and have to platform your way through traps Sonic is cumbersome and unfun. That's what makes Sonic games suck. They've never solved this problem, much less figuring out how to translate the game to 3D.


"Governments could also subsidise the rollout of broadband internet and personal cloud infrastructure. Inexpensive FreedomBox devices could be provided to lower-income households and small server farms could be operated by local communities."

This is thoroughly unrealistic. Most people view technology as magic/voodoo and are incapable of running their phones, much less a server. Outside of local government almost no community is going to run a small server farm.

@cassidyjames I rarely buy new video cards. Eventually new games will be unplayable. I don't have to play everything on ultra settings, but it is nice when I can. PCs are more expensive, but I need a PC and a decent video card for work. Outside of Nintendo consoles are simply an added expense.

The worst part of PC gaming is Windows and bullshit launchers that shouldn't exist, but I can keep Windows isolated on its own partition.

@kev I went the redneck route and bolted a 1988 thunderbird seat to an office chair base. Doesn't look nice, but I've had the chair for 10 years now. It's more comfortable than anything else I've ever seen or used.

@galacticstone Here's to hoping it doesn't come to that, but just in case...

@galacticstone If it happens I'm getting out one way or the other, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one.

@nolan All I see when I look at this are engineers trying to justify their paychecks by making something only they are capable of debugging. That's the way the Web has been for a while now. We have horrendously slow webpages everywhere because of these practices, and people still are trying to tell us putting everything in style attributes and classes makes things faster?


This has been a very interesting article to read. I can't help but see a glaring omission, and that is launchd. It's mentioned in several Poettering quotes in the article, but outside of that it gets two sentences in the entire thing despite obviously being heavily on Poettering's mind when coming up with systemd. It also came out right in the time period outlined in the article where there were several arguments over sysvinit boot times.

@fribbledom Yeah I use virt manager with Windows and macOS guests and gpu passthru every day for work. Have no problems.

Finally published my blog post on how to configure fonts in Firefox on Linux. Hopefully it'll help someone else who may want to tweak which fonts web pages render. nolanlawson.com/2020/05/02/cus

@kev Are workspaces per display or all displays at once?

@toast@toast.cafe @nolan Thanks! When I'm feeling masochistic and want to mess with font settings I ended up just running a VM and copying settings over when things worked right lol.

@nolan Fontconfig will make you want to die. A fun thing to see is if you happen to have the CJK Microsoft fonts on hand they will render as bitmaps. You can fix this in fontconfig, but Chrome ignores it so they all look janky in Chrome while looking fine in Firefox.

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