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@lychee The definition is also quite accurate.

@lychee I've installed it on my MacBook a few times. It is quite nice, gets better with each update.

New Orleans ties to Haiti are strong and deep. Nice to see this happen, even if it's from relative newcomers.


Whew. That took forever to update Mastodon this time, but the update script I wrote works!

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

Let me introduce my #mastodon mapping #experiment.
This site will (hopefully) update it self with all the instances this link federates to. You can #help my by boosting or reposing the link.

Got this in the mail instead of the earphones I ordered. Fascinating.

Webdevs also tend to care more about DX (developer experience) than UX. Hence frameworks compete on DX, not UX.

I see a lot of devs who are experts in the "Angular way" or "React way" of doing things, and can spout off mantras about monads and pure functions and who-knows-what, and yet they don't really know what requestAnimationFrame is or how not to block browser scrolling.

It's like everybody knows how to build a beautiful sparkling tower, but nobody knows how to build a solid foundation.

In short, I wish more framework authors and independent developers really took the time to understand the underlying engines and communicate that to webdevs, instead of just papering over it and saying, "use my abstraction, learn the 'Angular/React/Vue Way', forget there's a browser underneath all this framework code."

But I guess doing so would make it a lot slower and more expensive to build for the web. Which undercuts the value of building for the web, in a lot of companies' eyes.

Man builds log cabin in the Canadian wilderness. This is so cool. i.imgur.com/HKfJbmu.gifv

“Small Tweaks That Can Make a Huge Impact on Your Website's Accessibility | CSS-Tricks”

I love Web Components + CSS Grid.
CSS Grid means no more elements just for layout.
Web Component's shadow DOM means one element per 'thing'.

As a result you have beautifully syntatic HTML where only each element does one thing and has a clear relationship to it's parent element.

@ignitionigel Funnily enough I had a problem earlier today trying to upload an image from everything, including the web ui. The image was straight from my phone, and the server was saying it was too big. I have some configuring to do. Ha.

@ignitionigel Wow. I don't get anything like that when I run Amaroq. The only thing I have trouble with it is when I try to post images or video.

@lychee Now you just need a linux machine to complete the trifecta.

"The modern business woman needs to present a confident appearance in the workplace. Shoulder pads can be an easy and subtle way of showing you deserve to be taken seriously."

*comes in to work with 40k space marine pauldrons on that she hacksawed off the statue at the local games workshop*

I'm here for the merger negotiation.

I love that #ff is still a thing on Mastodon, I assume because Mastodon itself doesn’t incessantly suggest people to follow.

In celebration of Mario Tennis for the Switch....