I decided to check Birdsite to see up to date information about the burning of Notre Dame and was instantly reminded of why I left it where Twitter showed me on the first tweet of someone I don’t follow gatekeeping grief over the destruction of the cathedral versus other tragedies happening elsewhere. I just instantly logged off.

Software engineers are indoctrinated to believe: "People only hate ads when they aren't relevant." This doctrine has led to over 20 years of mass data collection. It's a lie, and if more engineers dared to question it, we'd get a lot further on #privacy.

"Code caching for JavaScript developers" by Leszek Swirski v8.dev/blog/code-caching-for-d

I'm glad Chrome finally wrote something public about their bytecode cache. This is one of the biggest inside-baseball perf optimizations that browsers do, but web developers aren't very aware of.

@Shamar @kirot @nolan The application platform began before HTML5. I was working for Opera when HTML5 began there and even provided input myself over the years. It began because people writing HTML for their blogs were using divs for everything, so elements were introduced that were semantic to blogs and semantics on older elements were clarified or changed. There were prior attempts to make a standard parser, but they failed so one was to be included in the new spec.

@Shamar @kirot @nolan A large part of the HTML5 specification outlines additional elements, their semantics, and semantics for elements from prior versions. HTML5 began because of the div soup many people’s websites were. The rest contains the boring stuff — an extremely detailed instruction on how to build a compliant parser. Prior to HTML5 even the workings of a browser’s parser varied wildly, especially when tokenizing a document.

@kirot @nolan There have been disagreements over the years on implementations and always will be. Today partial implementations can arise from disagreements (web components) or from the complexity of it (css grid) or even because vendors decide to implement features long before the specification is even remotely stable (flexbox). Things were much worse before HTML5. The real danger today comes from where Google can practically dictate the platform just as Microsoft did years ago.

And yes, Firefox is still fighting a huge uphill battle against Chrome interop, and I have no idea how they're even able to keep their heads above water. They need all the help they can get, because they're battling stupid bugs like this every single day.

WebKit (Safari) is no less amazing for the comeback they've pulled off in the past few years, although they have fewer interop pressures. Web devs make sure their sites work in Safari, because the CEO has an iPhone.

Don't apply for grants that have an application fee. I 100% guarantee they feast on the blood of the poor and then give the grant to one of their own. #ArtTips

I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get TypeScript to understand what the fuck HTMLElement was and then was like “Why am I -WANTING- to add header files to JavaScript?”

Legendary computer scientist Katie Bouman with the hard drives containing the source code of her first “Hello World” React app.

For a bit over a year I have had broken voicemail on my phone because AT&T’s system freaked out when I got my sister’s phone as a hand-me-down. I’ve tried calling and getting it fixed, have gone by a store, and have even emailed them to no avail. Suddenly today I have working voicemail.

My ISP has some technical difficulties with ipv6 this morning. I'm assigned an ipv6 address but nothing works through it, and while my "Mac" just happily automatically switched over to using ipv4 when browsing my server (Ubuntu 18.04) would not. I ended up having to disable ipv6 in sysctl just to get things working. Anyone know how to get Ubuntu to just switch over to ipv4 when ipv6 is having trouble?

Hell, before you’re even allowed to select a game in Steam you get a popup ad for a game. They all put up with this shit already and are mad when having to install more malware (let’s call Steam what it is here)?

I can’t help but laugh at people pissed over Epic’s exclusivity on Borderlands 3. They don’t get pissed off when Steam launches launchers for the launchers which all display ads for publishers’ games to you before you’re allowed to play the game. The entire experience on Steam is garbage.

When I see a FOSS fundamentalist asking Mozilla to make Firefox block this and that, I’m just left thinking that they are just useful idiots for the growing Chrome monopoly.

What they refuse to get is that if Firefox did block everything they want it would break most of the web and 99% of people would just move to a browser that works, ie Chrome.

Balancing privacy and security with making software that works ain’t easy folks.

Giving Krita a try again (last time I used it was before hardware acceleration). Spent an inordinate amount of time playing around with brush settings and made a couple I like then painted a mason jar to test things out. Really like it. Might write my thoughts on the app on my blog.

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