@kungtotte I was an ardent Opera fan, too. Vivaldi comes close for me, but it's still not the same.

@nolan I was at Opera when they decided to ditch Presto. I was for the redesigning part of the project (and worked on that), not the switching to Chromium. It's sad to watch the Web crumble away.

"No single company should control the future of the web platform." Good birdsite thread from Anne van Kesteren of Mozilla mobile.twitter.com/annevk/stat

Mozilla's take on the Edge news.

"By adopting Chromium, Microsoft hands over control of even more of online life to Google... We compete with Google not because it’s a good business opportunity. We compete with Google because the health of the internet and online life depend on competition and choice."


It is really sad Edge is going away. We need competition on the Web now more than ever. Microsoft really didn't do a good job with Edge selling it to people. How could it ever have a chance when people were taught for years that the blue e was crap and to stay away from using it because it was unsafe for their computers? From a purely design standpoint they failed before anyone ever opened the browser.

Nice illustration encouraging to use reusable stuff – “Net Bag” Riccardo Guasco 2018 riccardoguasco.tumblr.com/post

Migrated my mastodon install to a new server and finally updated lol. Thanksgiving holiday was busy!

This here event where ownership of a npm module was transferred over to a malware actor has me wound up in a bit of paranoia.


It isn't that we didn't see this coming. A lot of people did and warned about this exact scenario. For example: hackernoon.com/im-harvesting-c

It's more that it triggers, again, my worry about how unsustainable the current OSS ecosystem looks, relying almost entirely on unpaid labour and burnt out maintainers.

Which is a very 😱 kind of thought.

@webinista I’ve stopped interacting on Twitter completely. Only thing I’ve posted on there lately is my work. I’ve been much better off since then.

@thomasfuchs The switches on the Apple Extended Keyboard II are the best mechanical switches I've used. Matias clones came really close. I'll admit I don't use mechanical ones much anymore and have lost the rhythm in my typing necessary to type on them. I end up hitting a key again before it's reset, especially on really old keyboards.

@lmorchard I once made a captcha generator years ago that used a word bank made out of Rush lyrics. I wonder if I can find that thing anywhere.

@lmorchard It'd return 1-0-0-1-0-0-1 S.O.S. 1-0-0-1-0-0-1 In distress

@lmorchard I love how the show is a bit more like Classic Who where the companions become more of a team headed by the Doctor rather than a bunch of people running around screaming and shouting "Doctor!" every time something shows up.

J'ai complètement oublié de vous montrer cette beauté par @anaisfae , honte à moi. Merci encore ✨

Day 16 . I managed to do half of the prompts this year. I didn’t finish this one in time, but it’s interesting nonetheless in its present form. It’s of crystals from the Naica cave in Mexico which are absolutely gigantic in scale.

Day 15 . Haven’t had time lately OTL. Caterpillar is having a difficult time when the weak twig broke.

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