I started on this about three weeks ago, but I have been too occupied with other stuff to finish it, so here is a casein painting of a polar bear.

Oops supposed to be . Teaches me to toot this out at midnight.

Day 10 This one's probably my weakest one yet, from either year. It's meh, but I'm sharing it anyway. It's a pangolin scale pattern.

Possibly Shutting Down VidCommons 

The last straw for me with Blizzard was requiring a B.net connection for StarCraft II and banning me from it by mistake. I'd never played the game online at that point, and I hadn't even finished the campaign. Never bought their games after that.

@lychee I haven't been able to buy shoes at a brick and mortar store since I was a kid. I'm a 47 in European sizing, and most that size won't fit my feet in the width.

It's really shitty to have purchased an app a few months ago only to have an automatic update happen, and the app switched to a subscription model. No, I'm not paying a subscription fee for an application I've already purchased. Fuck you.

This shit has happened a lot lately is why I lean heavily toward FOSS these days. Let's call subscription-based software what it is: rentalware. I don't care that the market is moving to it. It's still wrong.

@lychee I don't agree! Let's argue about it over multiple toots where we simply appear to be arguing over each other about a pointless topic.

Actually, it's nice.


It's always odd to see something from Microsoft be open source. I had an idea years ago to make common symbols in programming languages be ligatures, but I never took the time to alter a free font I liked with them. Nice.

The font is too narrow, though. The m and w glyphs are incredibly cramped.

@fribbledom It's been that way for quite a long while. I only use it to post artwork I've done, and it's the most horrible experience I have.

Alpaca painted in casein on paper. When practicing on my last one I painted a few other sheets of paper. I decided to paint this on one of them. Kind of looks like it's photobombing haha.

@ohyran Lollypop expects you to open the preferences and add music folders for it to scan. Expecting you to open the preferences and adjust a preference to even use the application is a failure at the most basic level. Even after you do that there's no indication it's doing anything except for the progress bar at the bottom edge because the default view is "Popular albums". It should onboard you with a dialog for adding folders like email clients do with accounts.

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