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Day 5 . I’m -REALLY- far behind now. That’s okay. I’ve had a lot to do otherwise, and I stupidly got caught up in the abstract shapes...


Google+ is going, eh? It still existed? Okay.

Been slowly getting parts in over the past couple of months (as I find good deals / on sale) for a NAS/Server/Guinea Pig. Decided to go with a closed system water cooler for the CPU because I had such good success with the one in my PC. Got a smaller model, and it looks like the pump is faulty on the one I got. Meh.

Any way to opt out from the Fuhrer’s alerts?

My voicemail hasn’t been working for a while (shows up but don’t get any new ones), so I called my carrier to get it reset or whatever. Instead of helping me with the issue they just tried to sell me a new one.

“No. I like my headphone jack just fine. I need my voicemail fixed, though.”

Just funny that I feel most productive then and yet rarely am up at that time anymore. Lol.

One of the weird things is that despite not being as much of a night owl as I used to be I am nonetheless most productive starting around 23:00.

There’s a reason for it. When I was at Opera I took care of my mother who was really sick, and (my former managers would probably kill me if they knew this then) I usually wouldn’t get much work done until around 23:00 every night.

Since I have an old 16GB hand-me-down phone the worst part of iOS 12 is the constant nagging saying I’m out of storage space when I have almost nothing on the phone.

“Keeping Watch”

Finally done; finished it last night. Started on it in April and have painted on it a bit at a time right before bed. Can see a larger resolution version on my website:

You know you’re getting old when you’re excited to get really nice food storage containers.

Was pointed to this tweet on Birdsite from

Amazing just how Mac hardware lags behind even Apple's phones. Does make me wonder what kind of optimizations Apple makes to iOS Safari that doesn't get made to the Mac, though.

My hackintosh (i7 7820X) consequently scores a 150.

I boost a post encouraging people to use a DNS-over-HTTP server written in Go that’s meant to be run in a Docker container followed by a post about how horribly inefficient software is today. Yep.

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