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Nice illustration encouraging to use reusable stuff – “Net Bag” Riccardo Guasco 2018

Migrated my mastodon install to a new server and finally updated lol. Thanksgiving holiday was busy!

This here event where ownership of a npm module was transferred over to a malware actor has me wound up in a bit of paranoia.

It isn't that we didn't see this coming. A lot of people did and warned about this exact scenario. For example:

It's more that it triggers, again, my worry about how unsustainable the current OSS ecosystem looks, relying almost entirely on unpaid labour and burnt out maintainers.

Which is a very 😱 kind of thought.

J'ai complètement oublié de vous montrer cette beauté par @anaisfae , honte à moi. Merci encore ✨

Day 16 . I managed to do half of the prompts this year. I didn’t finish this one in time, but it’s interesting nonetheless in its present form. It’s of crystals from the Naica cave in Mexico which are absolutely gigantic in scale.

Day 15 . Haven’t had time lately OTL. Caterpillar is having a difficult time when the weak twig broke.

Liking Mast for the most part. Wish I could disable the long-hold thing all together. By default it changes the theme, so whenever I try to copy text it would change the theme. Now it just shows confetti and celebrates my text selection. Also wish it had a way to add descriptions to images for accessibility reasons.

Doctor Who 

Day 11 . Way too far behind to catch up now, but oh well! This is a shoebill stork, a bird native to Africa whose young fight to the death in a cruel showing of survival of the fittest. That cruelty is outshone by the fact they’re nearly killed to extinction because they’re believed to be “unlucky”.

Spent an hour today trying to explain to a client that the photoshop file I sent him was there in the Dropbox folder, but he was convinced nothing was there because Dropbox couldn’t generate a preview for that one file when the other two had previews... gotta love bad ui.

Day 9 . I wanted to show how precious wildlife is. Black Rhinos are almost hunted to extinction. This depicts a baby rhino and a projection of her parent. Not sure if that registers, probably would better if I had something in the background.

How do you stop Canadian bacon from curling in the pan? 

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