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New practice piece. Random subject, random color palette. Subject is a coyote, painted digitally from a random photo on the internet using a color palette generated from

So went to the grocery store, and as I was walking to the front door I saw someone had dropped some eggs in the parking lot. As I walked by this one I could hear it sizzling. If you've never seen what an egg frying on concrete looks like this is it. lol

When is it going to be normal to refer to this as surveillance technology?

Europe is experiencing temperatures today that's normal this time of the year for where I live. Keep hydrated; it's most important.

Worth noting that web browsers are color managed on all desktop OSes, too. Firefox isn't fully managed by default, though. You have to manually tell it a display profile to use still, but if you have multiple displays that's really awkward.

Also it looks like the entire OS applies the profile? If true that'd be another pleasant surprise. Only macOS so far has had true color management. Windows and Linux/BSD/etc only apply profiles to applications which specifically have color management capabilities (Photoshop, Krita, etc.) The rest of the OS isn't managed and INSTANTLY noticeable on wide gamut displays. Windows will apply LUT values system wide though, but Linux requires manually installing and setting up a LUT loader to do that.

I haven't actually used my new phone all that much. Been too busy, and really I'm not glued to it like many are. I was looking through some of my own work last night and instantly noticed the colors were horribly oversaturated. I was pleasantly shocked to discover that it's possible to select color profiles on Android. I chose the DCI P3 one. Lineage should not be using a low gamut profile by default on phones with high gamut displays. I really wish I could properly calibrate my phone now...

But of course DAV doesn't work. It works on 3 different OSes but not this lol

Hello from Android! Was a #$@%&! To de-Google the phone but now my phone doesn't die every 30 minutes and didn't cost $1200.

My girlfriend and I were looking for something to draw, so we used an animal generator. I rolled an airedale terrier. Funnily enough she has a giant one named Bear; this is him.

People popping fireworks across the street... ugh.

Was hacking on an SVG in OTF emoji file today and stopped to think, “Why in the fuck does this exist?” Before idiots removed SVG fonts from the spec SVG had this baked in and in a format that didn’t require specialized tools to author.

I think I might see about querying the accounts table on the database for ones that haven't been seen by me in <insert time here> and then just removing them. If I ever encounter the user again it'd be gone. The cull command obviously doesn't catch them all because if it did I wouldn't have randomly picked that one I hadn't seen since last year.

I picked a random avatar in the gargantuan pile of them on my server and did a query for it on the database and found out I haven't even seen the user in my feed since March of last year. Why is this still cached on my server?

The only thing I've found is to run the accounts cull tootctl command followed by deleting the folder and then running accounts --refresh all tootctl command and wait for it to download several gigabytes of images all over again in the hopes it won't be as large as it was before. I gained back 2GB that way. Yay, but it's still stupidly large for no reason whatsoever.

Still really haven't found a solution to the ballooning mastodon system/accounts folder. It keeps getting larger and larger. It's rather ridiculous that it must have 8.5GB of avatars and header images cached for a single-user instance. I simply don't see that many people on my timeline. It's almost as if mastodon is a slow-growing cancer growing on my server's hard drive waiting to consume the entire thing.

Any Masto admins out there know how to safely cull the headers and avatars cache? I only run a single user instance, and the system/accounts folder keeps slowly ballooning in size. I don't need to cache that many accounts.

Been playing around with i3 in a vm lately. Workflow is foreign to me of course, but oddly not that far off if that makes sense? I’d seen and briefly used a tiling window manager years ago (not sure which one) on another’s computer so that’s about my experience with one if you can call it that.

Updated my Mastodon install to 2.9.0... ahh single column...

Well, now I can sleep since I stupidly decided to upgrade my OS at 11 PM. That’ll teach me to not look at the clock... at least nothing bad happened. *knocks on his head*

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