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Day 10 This one's probably my weakest one yet, from either year. It's meh, but I'm sharing it anyway. It's a pangolin scale pattern.

The last straw for me with Blizzard was requiring a connection for StarCraft II and banning me from it by mistake. I'd never played the game online at that point, and I hadn't even finished the campaign. Never bought their games after that.

It's really shitty to have purchased an app a few months ago only to have an automatic update happen, and the app switched to a subscription model. No, I'm not paying a subscription fee for an application I've already purchased. Fuck you.

This shit has happened a lot lately is why I lean heavily toward FOSS these days. Let's call subscription-based software what it is: rentalware. I don't care that the market is moving to it. It's still wrong.

It's always odd to see something from Microsoft be open source. I had an idea years ago to make common symbols in programming languages be ligatures, but I never took the time to alter a free font I liked with them. Nice.

The font is too narrow, though. The m and w glyphs are incredibly cramped.

Alpaca painted in casein on paper. When practicing on my last one I painted a few other sheets of paper. I decided to paint this on one of them. Kind of looks like it's photobombing haha.

Casein sketch of a clownfish in my new tiny sketchbook. Practicing layering with casein as it seals like acrylic when it dries.

Or I could just do like Robin Rendle and say fuck it to AMP:

"Here’s my hot take on this: fuck the algorithm, fuck the impressions, and fuck the king. I would rather trade those benefits and burn my website to the ground than be under the boot and heel and of some giant, uncaring corporation."

Like how I must use these esoteric-looking generics to make it happy using mixins. At that point it becomes more a hinderance than a useful tool. It also has the effect of making the code more difficult to read which kind of defeats the purpose of wanting to use TypeScript in the first place.

Don't get me started on the time spent trying to guess what type names it expects from some built-in JavaScript things such as the DOM..

The thing I hate the most when writing complex things in JavaScript is the lack of typing and the... structure found in many languages. It simply becomes difficult to manage on things like web applications. I want strict types, private and protected properties/methods, traits/mixins, etc. TypeScript provides much of that, but when using it I find myself spending more time trying to work around its idiosyncrasies rather than actually coding.

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