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It's really silly seeing all these wasteful arguments over two equally stupid and ambiguous short date formats. The Canadians use the better date format: 2020-02-03.

I never thought I would be using a DE that largely mimicked Windows considering I'm a recent refugee from macOS, but here I am. I tried out both Cinnamon and KDE and largely picked Cinnamon because most of the apps I preferred were Gtk; I found Nemo much less cluttered than Dolphin; and I found I didn't need many of KDE's customizations to be happy.

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My original build for linux was a Manjaro xfce + i3, but I got tired of when I changed outputs on my TV the panels would stack on the first monitor. Everything felt like a shit hack to get stuff working, but I loved the workflow in it. I've transferred over some of the shortcuts I liked in i3 to Cinnamon and have been quite happy.

Biggest issue I'm having with using Linux as my primary OS is color management. My displays are 99% Adobe RGB gamut displays, so everything is over saturated. I used DisplayCAL to calibrate the displays and applied the color profiles which applied and visibly changed the colors. However, everything still looks oversaturated.

I already use Krita for painting, so it's nice having a better-functioning version of it now.

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I wanted to buy an AMD card before I decided to make the switch, but this sort of forced my hand. I am going to miss Photoshop and Illustrator on this computer, but I can work around it with my other hardware and have solutions in the works for it in the long term.

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Been an interesting day. My hackintosh set up crashed and burned this afternoon. I'd been working on a Linux install for months now in virtual machines and on other hardware including an install script for setting up my main machine in Linux. Hadn't done the switch because of time constraints. Aside from getting the nvidia drivers to work it's been mostly okay.

If Mozilla wasn't the only thing standing in the way of the death of the Web after seeing this post I'd tell them to go fuck themselves. After laying off people because of executive and senior management failure they write this PR speak bullshit.

Wake up this morning, and there's a fresh war going on. Great.

Does the new Mac Pro come with a diamond-studded case? What about its wheels? Are they gold plated? The price of this thing is stupid.

I think it's a sign you're getting old when terminology the younger generation is using grates on you. Guess I've been old all my life.

Just had my work computer somehow delete my user, preventing me from logging in. Never seen that before. How's your day going?

"404 Page Not Found" by Kate Wagner

"Because websites had to either become apps or self-optimize for mobile, web design declined from its creative, more variegated heights to become flat, highly minimalistic, and multi-platform, and the results are, frankly, fucking boring."

Loved everything about this post. A great homage to the old, user-centric web.

Running an old node project, 2015: fails because no lockfile

Running an old node project, 2019: npm has found 3,000 vulnerabilities across 5 million dependencies

"I'm never buying a Blizzard game again because of China!"

* Blizzard releases the trailer for Diablo IV *

"Shut up and take my money!"

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