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My almost late . Mostly the same as last time except on KDE. I haven't experimented with a global menu much in KDE yet, but I'd like to give that a go sometime in the future.

Managed to find a way to make the clock not be ridiculously stupidly huge, so that's good.

I have at this point run on this computer GNOME, Xfce, Xfce+i3, Cinnamon, and now KDE. Haven't done much distro hopping, but I sure have DE hopped. So far I've liked using GNOME the least and Xfce+i3 the most.

Manjaro is a great distro, but its installer doesn't work sometimes I find, especially Architect. Had hell yesterday getting it to install properly.

Ever since switching to Cinnamon I've had hell with the DE freezing up when changing video outputs which I do quite a lot. I have GPU passthrough for virtual machines which take over a screen and a TV which is on only some of the time. So, after much cursing and yelling yesterday I reinstalled Manjaro but with KDE.


My latest exploration in casein painting this time of a river otter floating in water. River otters as far as I know don't hold their food while floating, but I wanted him to be holding one anyway. Can read more about it on my blog.

I'd love to contribute to the wfh workspace showoff, but my office looks like a bomb went off because I'm trying to find ways to fit my books into an overflowing set of bookshelves.

Getting hammered lately with “Google does this” or “Apple does this” justifications for terrible UIs.

Google Material Design told us form fields were better without boxes, until they tested it.

Apple told us removing button outlines in iOS was better, until users complained.

Another painting in casein on Arches watercolor paper this time of some king penguins. I got the idea to paint this after watching a wildlife documentary which had literally thousands of them grouped together on this small island near Antarctica. I liked the colors and abstract shapes the penguins made when unfocused, so I wanted to see if I could do that in paint.

I started slowly re-reading and re-listening (I alternate between the two) World Without End by Ken Follett before the virus made its way to the media. Rather appropriate considering the story takes place during the 14th century plague in England.

Last October I was contacted by Frank Foster to illustrate his newest album "The Way it Was" which was released in January. Been waiting to update my website so now can post here. Can read more about it here:

Looking at variable font stuff in Firefox dev tools somehow took me back to where I commented on this blog post that was begging Adobe to release several of their paid fonts for bundling. I was vehemently attacked by someone saying \@font-face and open source fonts were a pipe dream. Today, we have lots of very good open source fonts and much, much more. Wish I could find that post.

"How many tabs is that?!"
"I don't know. Lost count. Why?"
"If I have more than 5 my computer starts crawlin'."

Opened their computer, and sure enough it crawls with 5 tabs open. Amazing how garbage many computers are today.

It's really silly seeing all these wasteful arguments over two equally stupid and ambiguous short date formats. The Canadians use the better date format: 2020-02-03.

I never thought I would be using a DE that largely mimicked Windows considering I'm a recent refugee from macOS, but here I am. I tried out both Cinnamon and KDE and largely picked Cinnamon because most of the apps I preferred were Gtk; I found Nemo much less cluttered than Dolphin; and I found I didn't need many of KDE's customizations to be happy.

My original build for linux was a Manjaro xfce + i3, but I got tired of when I changed outputs on my TV the panels would stack on the first monitor. Everything felt like a shit hack to get stuff working, but I loved the workflow in it. I've transferred over some of the shortcuts I liked in i3 to Cinnamon and have been quite happy.

Biggest issue I'm having with using Linux as my primary OS is color management. My displays are 99% Adobe RGB gamut displays, so everything is over saturated. I used DisplayCAL to calibrate the displays and applied the color profiles which applied and visibly changed the colors. However, everything still looks oversaturated.

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