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What we need is real DOM operations in web workers. It's understandable why we don't, but you don't have to do DOM operations on the main document. Allow DOM operations on a separate temporary document. The worker would message a DOM object back to the main process where you'd adopt the DOM object to the main document before insertion. This is DOM level 1 stuff.

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One of the most annoying things in web development is when you have a lot of DOM operations to do, and it creates jank. We have web workers for doing lots of things in other processes... except DOM. React and others bypass it by doing everything in a virtual DOM, but in reality it makes things stupid slow because it's a DOM-like api rewritten in JS.

Nautilus – another digital doodle using an odd color scheme gleaned and modified from Spent a bit more time than I wanted on this one, but that's okay.

Thanks Apple for blocking my Apple ID from doing anything. Couldn't send or receive messages. Couldn't log into iCloud. Spent the better part of a week trying to figure out why it wasn't working. It was really nice having to call to get my account somehow unbanned.

Well, was without power since late Wednesday night until a couple of hours ago. Been fun.


OH: "Son of a biscuit eating bulldog! Motherfucker!"

Sad day for the Web as Mozilla continues its death spiral. The Web might very well die with it.

Bee Happy — Things haven't exactly been sunny in the US lately so I thought I'd paint something colorful and cheerful. Painted in casein on Arches cold press watercolor paper.

Dear Reddit,

I am not going to download your motherfucking shit app on my phone just so I may read a link that was sent to me by someone else.

Fuck you,

I was just reminded today why I started years ago emailing links to images rather than attaching them. Spent 30 minutes essentially doing tech support for someone who was using an email client that showed image attachments inline AND hid them by default. It makes me wonder how much time is lost in productivity in the world because email clients hide images.

Vending machine. Never thought I'd paint a bag of chips and a soda can, but here I am. Work-in-progress of a personal piece.

"Governments could also subsidise the rollout of broadband internet and personal cloud infrastructure. Inexpensive FreedomBox devices could be provided to lower-income households and small server farms could be operated by local communities."

This is thoroughly unrealistic. Most people view technology as magic/voodoo and are incapable of running their phones, much less a server. Outside of local government almost no community is going to run a small server farm.

This has been a very interesting article to read. I can't help but see a glaring omission, and that is launchd. It's mentioned in several Poettering quotes in the article, but outside of that it gets two sentences in the entire thing despite obviously being heavily on Poettering's mind when coming up with systemd. It also came out right in the time period outlined in the article where there were several arguments over sysvinit boot times.

Finally published my blog post on how to configure fonts in Firefox on Linux. Hopefully it'll help someone else who may want to tweak which fonts web pages render.

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My almost late . Mostly the same as last time except on KDE. I haven't experimented with a global menu much in KDE yet, but I'd like to give that a go sometime in the future.

Managed to find a way to make the clock not be ridiculously stupidly huge, so that's good.

I have at this point run on this computer GNOME, Xfce, Xfce+i3, Cinnamon, and now KDE. Haven't done much distro hopping, but I sure have DE hopped. So far I've liked using GNOME the least and Xfce+i3 the most.

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