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Can't downgrade due to other software, so my only solution is to run it as a docker container. Oh boy. Guess what? The official Mastodon docker container fails. You're meant to build your own container from it I guess, but it installs tini as its init system. Tini can only handle one process. Mastodon has -THREE-.

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My issue started when I migrated my server to a new install. It had Node 14 installed from the repository, but Mastodon's cws dependency used for its streaming websockets process doesn't work on Node 14, and to add insult to injury is abandoned. A dead dependency I would think would be a pressing issue. Nope.

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Well, I'm back temporarily after a month... I think? Upgraded my server, and Mastodon did not work at all. As some might know I'm not a fan of this software, and after this I believe I absolutely loathe it.

Migrating my server to a new machine slowly as I get time to move something over. One thing I've been dreading to migrate is this as Mastodon is a mess to put it nicely. I'm not sure I'll even be successful in moving it. About to sign off. I'll be back when I'm back!

On how people forget how miserable school was 

But everybody seemed to forget immediately how bad it was—sometimes even on the day of graduation, just before they went to college.

It’s like watching people cognitively spin on a dime. One moment they are complaining about how miserable it is, the next they are filled with nostalgia for ‘an amazing experience’.

It’s almost as if school is a right of passage wholly unconcerned with improving the lives of those participating in it or something.

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Got an iPhone 11 in, and the lightning cable that comes with it is USB-C on the other end. Literally every single charger or battery pack I own has USB-A plugs. That's about as useless as an asshole on your elbow. It's the most Apple thing ever to not only have to buy the charger separately to charge the phone, but you must also buy an adapter to use the charger.

Looks like it might end up snowing here for the first time in quite a few years. Unlike with COVID, everything will shut down here because a bit of white powder fell from the heavens.

Been playing around with CSS logical properties. Seems like to me there was an oversight that there's no logical values for background-position. Almost everything (except border-radiusgenerally) will work right when text direction changes but that.

Well, got mastodon up to 3.2.1 from whatever it was before.

I don't have an HDR display, but I do have two high color gamut displays. And when using Linux and my displays set to Adobe RGB all the colors on the screens look neon because color management in Linux (Windows, too) only adjusts LUT values. Only apps like Krita, GIMP, Blender, Firefox (after manual configuration), etc. show correct color. It's pretty annoying. Hopefully that'll change one day.

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This is good news. Despite what the article says it's not novel to handle high dynamic range in color management. macOS does this already. The interesting part of this for me isn't the HDR but the fact that Linux will end up with macOS-level color management because of the necessity to clamp the UI to sRGB while allowing anything using an HDR-capable color profile to show as such... like macOS.

I'm not naive to think that things aren't over yet, but fuck today is such a relief. All eyes on Georgia. Again, sorry for yet another political tweet, but fuck it's great to have something to be happy about for a change.

Hallowieners outside cheerfully spreading COVID in exchange for some candy.

If that makes me a bad person so be it. I'm not going to have the fucking ads track me around the internet and slow my computer to a grinding halt.

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Wow someone sure lost his ever loving mind over having an unpopular opinion about youtube-dl.

I personally haven't used it that much, but when I did I was glad it was there. Last time I used it was when I flew to Canada and downloaded a few videos to watch on the plane there.

Did it cause those people to lose ad revenue? Yeah, but they're not getting any at my house anyway with a pi-hole and ad block.

Back in the day movie studios were forbidden from owning movie theaters because owning both the production and distribution was illegal, yet Google is allowed to do it. Apple is allowed to do it.

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