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The real sad thing is that Blizzard is merely just a single example, indicative of ANY industry.

I'm usually ecstatic seeing space exploration and launches, but I can't really be excited about this shit.

Churches here must be hurting financially. Every weekend I have someone come to my house either to proselytize or to hang up trash on both my front and carport doorknobs (and no it’s not JWs or Mormons). You never see them go to low income neighborhoods (I know this because I used to live in one). They travel in herds here spreading the word of god so I maybe perhaps would put a few bucks in the collection plate.

I see a lot of complaining about Github Copilot. You might be able to complain enough to where Microsoft maybe would perhaps somehow shut the thing down.

Or you can just not use Github.

At least in the US it was determined correctly that scraping was covered in fair use, but in this case it’s being scraped to be used as code which really is a whole different ball game. But, who knows what courts full of old boomers that couldn’t tell a PDF from a PNG would say.

I’m up right now because I think the Southern Baptist preacher that lives across the street from me is popping fireworks and the neighbor to the north of me is telling him off.

Ahh that satisfying feeling you get when you can remove npm from a project.

Experienced my first karen since the pandemic started this morning. I just stood there in awe of her narcissism and didn't say a word, but I was verbally accosted for just being there during her boomer toddler tantrum. There were no bacon croissants.

A practice painting of a fox from a random photo on Unsplash. It’s done using a limited palette in @Krita using the new RGBA brush type.

There’s a guy in front of me that looks just like @MK but is named CJ. Too many clones out there with just initials for names

The most annoying thing that took most of the day to figure out was from the box my ISP provides. It's meant to act as the router. I had my own, but there wasn't a simple bridge mode but instead multiple settings to disable. One thing you needed to do was spoof the router's WAN port MAC address. Since I changed routers that changed, too. I was pulling my nonexistent hair out trying to figure that out until something clicked and I remembered that thing I did once a year ago :/

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Been working on a delayed project to move my firewall to an OPNsense box. I personally don't have too much experience outside basic routers/switches. It wasn't too bad setting it up. Only annoying thing that turned out to be something with OPNsense itself was setting up a bridge so the additional ports would act as a switch. Was more difficult than it should have been IMO.

Apparently I'm a "geriatric millennial". That's nice. There used to be this term for us years and years ago called "Gen Y". The boomers that come up with this stuff legitimately are geriatric in the true sense of the word, though.

I know there’s a sshfs thing for Windows. It kind of works, but eventually it stops working and locks the entire OS up once you save a file to it.

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Anyone out there knows if sshfs (fuse) works within WSL now?

Updated node, and let’s see if oniguruma fails with node-gyp rebuild... yep.

@MK Wanted to follow you ever since I found out you were on the fediverse, but couldn't! My instance wasn't working. Just got it kinda working now. Haha.

With that rant aside I am glad to (hopefully!) be back seeing the art and web tech talk in my feed again.

I decided to make my own Mastodon docker container. I just now got it kind of working. This was after discovering I couldn't use Node 13 either. ANOTHER dependency doesn't work with it. The init script doesn't quite work right, but I'll get there since I can get it running. If it does ultimately not work properly I might be moving to a Pleroma instance and abandoning this one.

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I just gave up initially. I decided to give it a shot again a week ago. My first attempt was with Pleroma. I had it installed, configured, and running within 10 minutes. I, however, can't have my account using it. It'd be whatever subdomain I had to install it under. On Mastodon it would work with either or While Pleroma's backend is great its frontend, while snappy, isn't user friendly and smattered with infantile anime "mascots".

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