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Yesterday I followed @ulfurinn just to see if it would work. You see, that's not a Mastodon account. It's a Pixelfed account, a photo-sharing app that — like Mastodon — is part of the Fediverse.

And it does Just Work. It's like having someone's Instagram posts show up in your Twitter feed.

The Web as it was meant to work!

Some people think Mastodon is too weird to become popular:

I joined Twitter in 2008. We had to put a "d" in front of a tweet to convert it to a direct message and every other day you had some embarrassing private moments exposed because someone forgot about the “d”. Hashtags were just a community hack, introduced by Chris Messina to somehow tag content. Search? Hah, you wish! Tweets via SMS were supposed to be a thing. Oh, and the daily meet and greet with the failwhale. Totally not weird.

If you like really bad puns and funny video game related doodles follow @MK.

I heard about a knight who made a deal with the devil to win at sports. It was a Joustian bargain.

Hi! I've been here for a while, but things really took off last few days Time for my #introduction.

I'm Ellen, 35 years, and i spend most of my available time either making NES displayable graphics, music & games, or the tools to make them in, or socializing in communities dedicated to the same things.

One game that's out is called Project Blue. It's a neat flick-screen platformer. Two more are actively in development.

#PixelArt #NES #NESdev #8bit #IndieDev #RetroGaming

Salty Sunday - Celebrating Standard Time with Standard Matches

C'mon and ch-ch-check it out:

Daily Sketch 10-28-2022

Late to the party, [especially with this 9-day sketch buffer], but here is Big the Cat from Sonic Prime, big cheeks and all.

#sketch #sonic #big

Daily Sketch 10-26-2022

Sonic, likely from Eggman's point of view before a boss fight?

#sketch #sonic

Watercolor sketch of a corner store in Ireland.

If you found me on Mastodon, leave a comment or share. Let's see how this platform works.

Daily Sketch 10-23-2022

The-uh-the-uh the Triforce of Pi-Pow-Pi-Pow-Pi-Pow--- of Strength.

Linktober Day 23 Theme - Ganon

#sketch #zelda #ganon #porkypig #linktober #linktober2022

To the few people my post here will reach:

Welcome to the fediverse. If anyone’s old enough to remember Twitter as it was when it started, this place is a bit like that. Your timeline is chronological, and you have to make an effort yourself to discover other people. There’s no algorithm designed to make you engage. What makes it different is that people from different servers can still communicate from one another.

Not to mention it pulled a Microsoft and autoupdated itself while I was on a business call yesterday even though I had auto updates turned off. Sure, the entire OS update took maybe a couple of minutes but fuck I didn't want to deal with Ventura at all for at least a few months.

Best option in the abysmal new system settings in Ventura is turning off the "Allow Wallpaper tinting in windows". I literally thought my display was shifting yellow.

A digital painting I've been working on for some time off and on. I can see things to improve on, but I'm calling it done. I've worked on it enough. I enjoyed working on it a lot though, and I set a pretty big challenge for myself with the school of sardines.

As usual more can be read about this work on my blog:

Another older piece. A boat, Allora, floating at the beach at Hope Cove. Gouache on watercolour paper. #gouache #painting #MastoArt

The titanosaurs would have dropped massive poos. There was that one from the deinocheirus, but it was kind of for dramatic effect instead of just being part of the environment which is what I'm thinking is missing.

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Haven't seen the final episode of Prehistoric Planet yet, but I've really enjoyed it so far. I wish each episode were an hour long rather than 30 minutes. My opinion so far has been "That's it?" after the end of every episode. I understand why; it's all CG. It's really well done. Most times I can watch and just forget it's all fake. One major criticism to me is the world is devoid of shit. The pterosaur cliffs should have been covered in filth like those for birds today are.

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