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In that final thread I asked my followers to respond with where they were going, and no one replied. Not one. I think that's a fitting end to my use of Twitter as it summarizes my use of it for quite a few years.

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I started deleting my tweets older than a year long ago (I think on @daniel's advice), all of them are gone now except the last thread, and I don't give a shit that it erases 15 years of history. I still have my tweets going back to my very first one even if they're not currently on Twitter. So, if you want to delete your tweets delete away; if you don't that's fine too.

TIL: There is a cursed color in the Kodak ProPhoto RGB color space which, when converted to sRGB using pre-August-2020-Security-Update Android's image conversion routines, causes an integer overflow and a crash due to a rounding error. Some dude accidentally created an image ( which contains the cursed color on a single pixel. In 2020 if you set this image as your desktop on a Google or Samsung device, the device would brick & lose all onboard data

What would it feel like for a helicopter to drop a boat into the sea during a raging storm?

I have had the experience of being rescued at sea in a gale by a Coast Guard helicopter. And I've been in the open ocean in a small boat during a heavy wind.

This was my first assignment in illustration in oil, way back in 1983. The title is "Hurricane Claude," a story by Hilbert Schenck, published in 1983 by Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine.

#illustration #oilpainting #sciencefiction

Doesn't matter how badass you are, sometimes you just need your pooh bear..

For those wondering, ′′ how did i do it?":
I Boiled 10l of water, added 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate, two cups of coke and half cup of lemon juice then stirred well .
Waited 3 minutes, put the pan in the solution for 45 minutes, then added a quarter cup of chlorine bleach to the mixture.
Then I brushed it with a firm toothbrush and put it back into the liquid for another 25 minutes.
I took it out, rinsed it and it looked exactly the same, so I threw it away and went out and bought a new one.

Hey my wife to be needs a job.

Her most recent job was 3 months doing data entry and organization for a wealth management law office.

Before that she was a bartender for about 10 years.

Before that she worked (with me) at a marketing firm. She did a lot of the manual SEO work (posting articles was what we did back then).

She knows just enough #python to be dangerous but isn’t confident enough to get a job doing it somewhere. Ultimately, she wants to be a developer of some sort.

She’s a quick learner and a hard worker (you have to be, to be a bartender) but her lack of office experience is making it difficult to get a decent office job.

She really wants to get out of bartending. It’s a pretty toxic industry.

#GetFediHired :boostok:

From the time I was old enough to hold a pencil I’ve been drawing. This past July I started a new job and a new career with it, and I haven’t drawn anything since then, not even a doodle in a notebook. It’s probably the longest I’ve gone without, and I don’t really know why. I could perhaps force myself to, but that never works with me especially on personal projects. It’s just weird.

*bleary eyed and pre-caffeine* *checks Mastodon* "Raspberry Pi... oh someone made something cool with... oh."

People seem amused by how OpenAI can produce astounding responses to questions, generate entire paragraphs of text in a writer's style, and in many cases write an entire program for you from scratch. Maybe I'm just too cynical, but I only see the bad outcomes -- especially how it's going to be used for phishing and other forms of scams.

You may not like it, but this is what peak Tooting performance looks like

The #CSSWG just resolved to make the `display` property animatable, with non-`none` values given priority during the transition. It's still discrete - there's no intermediate values between `block` & `none` - but this allows toggling it as part of a transition or animation.

For example (from @flackr) this would become `display:none` when the transition completes:

.hide {
transition: opacity 200ms, display 200ms;
display: none;
opacity: 0;

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I used Twitter to keep up with friends and the cool stuff they were doing or boosted. Ever since the algorithmic timeline was put into place I either had to use nothing but phone apps or just accept most tweets of those I follow never will show up in my feed. How this is in any way better for the user is a mystery to me. I'll admit there's some discovery-related advantages to it, but the disadvantages greatly outnumber it.

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Fedi meta 

There's a thread by an ex-Twitter engineer making the rounds, and he has some fair criticisms of Mastodon, but his defense of an algorithmic timeline is absurd.

The chronological timeline isn't great for profits because it doesn't manipulate users into engagement or in Twitter's case... enragement.

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