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This is not a chart depicting Moore’s Law.

This chart is the CRAYOLA COROLLARY showing that the number of Crayola crayon colors doubles approximately every 18 years.

Found this interesting. I've seen images of a particular slide from this talk floating around from JavaScript dudebros, but as usual from cherry-picked talking points the full talk was about something completely different.

Wow. The trailer for the Barbie movie is unapologetically and unironically fantastic.

In that final thread I asked my followers to respond with where they were going, and no one replied. Not one. I think that's a fitting end to my use of Twitter as it summarizes my use of it for quite a few years.

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I started deleting my tweets older than a year long ago (I think on @daniel's advice), all of them are gone now except the last thread, and I don't give a shit that it erases 15 years of history. I still have my tweets going back to my very first one even if they're not currently on Twitter. So, if you want to delete your tweets delete away; if you don't that's fine too.

TIL: There is a cursed color in the Kodak ProPhoto RGB color space which, when converted to sRGB using pre-August-2020-Security-Update Android's image conversion routines, causes an integer overflow and a crash due to a rounding error. Some dude accidentally created an image ( which contains the cursed color on a single pixel. In 2020 if you set this image as your desktop on a Google or Samsung device, the device would brick & lose all onboard data

What would it feel like for a helicopter to drop a boat into the sea during a raging storm?

I have had the experience of being rescued at sea in a gale by a Coast Guard helicopter. And I've been in the open ocean in a small boat during a heavy wind.

This was my first assignment in illustration in oil, way back in 1983. The title is "Hurricane Claude," a story by Hilbert Schenck, published in 1983 by Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine.

#illustration #oilpainting #sciencefiction

Doesn't matter how badass you are, sometimes you just need your pooh bear..

For those wondering, ′′ how did i do it?":
I Boiled 10l of water, added 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate, two cups of coke and half cup of lemon juice then stirred well .
Waited 3 minutes, put the pan in the solution for 45 minutes, then added a quarter cup of chlorine bleach to the mixture.
Then I brushed it with a firm toothbrush and put it back into the liquid for another 25 minutes.
I took it out, rinsed it and it looked exactly the same, so I threw it away and went out and bought a new one.

Hey my wife to be needs a job.

Her most recent job was 3 months doing data entry and organization for a wealth management law office.

Before that she was a bartender for about 10 years.

Before that she worked (with me) at a marketing firm. She did a lot of the manual SEO work (posting articles was what we did back then).

She knows just enough #python to be dangerous but isn’t confident enough to get a job doing it somewhere. Ultimately, she wants to be a developer of some sort.

She’s a quick learner and a hard worker (you have to be, to be a bartender) but her lack of office experience is making it difficult to get a decent office job.

She really wants to get out of bartending. It’s a pretty toxic industry.

#GetFediHired :boostok:

From the time I was old enough to hold a pencil I’ve been drawing. This past July I started a new job and a new career with it, and I haven’t drawn anything since then, not even a doodle in a notebook. It’s probably the longest I’ve gone without, and I don’t really know why. I could perhaps force myself to, but that never works with me especially on personal projects. It’s just weird.

*bleary eyed and pre-caffeine* *checks Mastodon* "Raspberry Pi... oh someone made something cool with... oh."

People seem amused by how OpenAI can produce astounding responses to questions, generate entire paragraphs of text in a writer's style, and in many cases write an entire program for you from scratch. Maybe I'm just too cynical, but I only see the bad outcomes -- especially how it's going to be used for phishing and other forms of scams.

You may not like it, but this is what peak Tooting performance looks like

The #CSSWG just resolved to make the `display` property animatable, with non-`none` values given priority during the transition. It's still discrete - there's no intermediate values between `block` & `none` - but this allows toggling it as part of a transition or animation.

For example (from @flackr) this would become `display:none` when the transition completes:

.hide {
transition: opacity 200ms, display 200ms;
display: none;
opacity: 0;

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