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why do I support right to repair? simple: i want to upload my own MIDI files to my washing machine to play when it finishes a cycle without voiding my warranty

This is inescapable on French insta so I'm posting it here for all to enjoy

I remember when Aaron Swartz was criminally prosecuted for downloading too many academic journal articles, but, sure, it's totally cool to scrape everyone's personal photographs as part of a commercial effort to market discriminatory surveillance tech to police departments.

1990s web experience

- Open site in browser
- Watch framework of site gradually appear
- Start reading site text
- View images once they load
- Click a hyperlink to more information on the thing you're looking for

2020s web experience

- Open site in browser
- Wait for Cloudflare to verify you aren't a bot
- Wait for background movie to load
- Dismiss cookie popup
- Decline to subscribe to their mailing list
- Decline to speak to a chatbot that promises it's a human
- Scroll infinitely looking for the information you want that's probably not there since it's all generated text intended for other robots to read anyway

Tech industry, please hire more writers. I can happily read docs for 3h and get much more out of them than watching a video for 3h. And while I'm watching the video, I'm making copious notes so that I don't have to watch the video *again* later to refresh my memory. If it was written down in the first place with good indexing I wouldn't have to do that. Video is such a crap way to document things.

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*to the tune of Shout by Tears For Fears*

Little potat
He wants to know where the treats are at
Come on
He's meowing at you
Come on

All those links are going to be a goldmine for sketchy redirects.

And then a complete shit show when brands realize their product links are ending up at some weird bukkake site.

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Every hashtag on every post on every platform should ALWAYS be camel case. I made this to illustrate how screenreaders read hashtags depending on whether they are lowercase or camel case.

It’s a small thing that all of us can do to build a more inclusive, accessible internet for all. Please take the time to use camel case.

#Accessibility #WebAccessibility #Usability #Readability #Hashtags #SocialNetworking #Blogging #UX

I've had the idea for a weird kind of Twitter client for years. With Mastodon being all open, I've decided to do the experiment:

What if your Timeline looked like iMessage. A normal timeline confuses me to no end because everything is out of context.

My experiment, Ebou, is a Mastodon client that looks like iMessage. Conversations are grouped by friends and sorted by recent postings.

It is super basic right now, but this already feels much more natural to me 😀

Some years back I saw the problem brewing on my own server, dug into Mastodon’s code, and wrote a hacky shell script to cull accounts older than 3 months on my server. I shared it, and it’s used all over the fediverse for the same thing. Only just recently has there been movement to put the feature into Mastodon and not by the maintainers. Chances are if you’ve been here a while some random instance you’ve never seen has all your posts, images, etc. and can’t delete them. Holy GDPR, Batman!

If these people truly knew how fucking hard it is to keep an instance from ballooning out of control on storage space because it consumes all it sees I guess they’d be scared shitless.

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