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Difficult finding people to follow on Mastodon so far, and having your own instance isolates you despite the system’s being federated because of its focus on communities.

Updated Mastodon this time without a hitch! \o/

Tootdon is a nice app except for that Toot button that keeps showing up and going away. It’s distracting.

It really is terrible ux for docker-compose to use up to start things up and then down for... deleting everything... with no confirmation. :/

Now I have it updated... and most importantly backed up with everything else.

I had no difficulty in simply updating Mastodon. I had it running as a simple daemon, and I decided things were okay and went to shut it down so I could restart it via systemd. I typed `docker-compose down` and it deletes the entire image. No confirmation. You start it with `docker-compose up`. The command should have been `stop`.

Tried to update Mastodon and ended up deleting the Docker image. Thankfully I hadn't tooted much. Not enough gas yet.

Having learning pains with running Mastodon -- all user error, of course.