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First art post in a long while as I haven’t worked on anything I can show. This is a sketch of a painting I’m starting. Very early in the process. Still trying to get composition working. Changing things up on what I’ve done lately. While this will be painted in a realistic style as usual, certain parts of it will be a bit more caricatured.

Wacom’s Cintiq pen displays are excellent and have build quality akin to what they’d put into their Intuos products years ago. I don’t want nor need a pen display. I’ve used a tablet since 1999 and can draw on it as well as I can on paper. I already have 3 displays and don’t need another that I can only use when painting.

It’s astounding how terrible Wacom’s tablets have gotten. I use a Wacom 4 XL at home that works as well as it did when I bought it and can’t be replaced because no one makes a tablet that big that isn’t a pen display. Elsewhere I use a Wacom Pro L that was bought a year ago and has a worn spot in the middle where it can’t read the pen as well.

The new Sonic image is either fake, a stupid early mockup image, or the product of a completely inept production company that does not employ professional artists. Just take a few seconds to analyze how it is constructed. The edges are messy; the fur texture is just photoshopped on; and the highlights and shading are done with overlay and multiply layers with simple white and black. There's no adherence to color theory in it at all.

Wish I had the heart to tell these people that the ghost image they’re seeing isn’t true cyan because of variations in color output on displays that most likely aren’t calibrated and if using Windows aren’t even correctly color managed.

Finally had the time to upgrade mastodon. Like the new changes so far. Wish it didn't use up a ridiculous amount of resources, but oh well.

I wrote some thoughts about #Privacy. Not sure everyone will agree, but thought I'd publish them nonetheless.

If this is Apple's true plan (and if the shit marzipan apps in Mojave are any indicator) this combined with the shit hardware they keep releasing will be the death of macOS.

Run the original WorldWideWeb in a browser tab! My website is quite usable in it. (sorry put the wrong link in the last one)

I only noticed it was midnight because my phone notified me. I have a typical bedtime notification, but I have another that goes off right before midnight that says “Get your ass to bed.” I imagine the phone’s saying that in Schwarzenegger’s voice.

Spent all my evening doing client work apparently lol. Got home, ate supper, and got to work. Aside from bathroom breaks I didn’t get up. Next thing I know it’s midnight and I’m really thirsty. I like that I got a lot done but man don’t need to make a habit of this!

I eventually was sidelined to the websites team which was fine by me. Actually got to make stuff instead of running in circles.

I worked on their post-Presto redesign. Wish we were allowed to do what we mocked up and designed. There were a lot of features that showed up in other browsers eventually we weren't even given the go ahead to make interactive mockups.

Doesn't help, too, that what I'm working on uses shadow dom, and Safari -- while it supports it -- doesn't expose it in their dev tools. Whee!

I have a hate-hate relationship with iOS at best, but... man debugging websites never ceases to be a pain on iOS especially when it comes to forcing it to refresh the cache.

Was sleeting outside, and people were panicking at the pizza shop. "I need to get home before it gets really bad!"

"Their calendars were not working. Nor were campus maps that help people find their co-workers. They were unable to check Facebook’s latest shuttle bus schedule. And they could not see what the company’s cafeterias were serving for lunch."

Too bad there aren't any open standards that do all of these things for you without the need for "apps".

Web dev discourse 

It is in our best interest as developers and users to work together in the fediverse.

Pixelfed is not competing with Mastodon or any other fedi project. The amount of MAU the whole fediverse has is under 1m users. A drop in the bucket compared to centralized, corporate, social media.

(MAU = Monthly Active Users)

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