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First time painting something that isn't for work in what feels like a long time. I streamed working on it for a bit last Saturday, but all the clouds the few people who were there to help me test my settings saw were painted over. WIP. Hope to finish it before armageddon.

I don’t use sass in projects that often, but every few months when I do I am astounded by how they’re able to completely change it and make it worse in the process.

Another day, another npm implosion. Guy pushes malicious code on his own repositories and then expects no repercussions. Alright.

Shoulda just deleted the repos, man.

I run my Mastodon instance in a Docker container because Mastodon’s code is such a rat’s nest it won’t install on my bare server because it’s not ubuntu. This morning its database container decided to shit the bed for no reason and corrupted the database. Thankfully I had backups, but it’s not exactly what I wanted to do this morning.

I’ve been working on a php DOM-related project lately trying to wrap the built-in DOM, so been pouring over the spec a bit. I’m sure others have noticed this before. You can’t create CDATA nodes in an html document, but you can import them from an xml document and append. Why? If CDATA nodes aren’t in the HTML spec then why are they allowed to be imported? Seems to me if the document is an html document they should be imported as regular text nodes.

Not the least bit empathetic to the IT and infosec people at Facebook right now. It’s literally the world’s largest criminal organization, and every last single person working there is by this point complicit in their crimes.

It's nearly impossible to tell which tab is the active one at any given time because there's no continuity with the rest of the UI, and I can envision sometime in the not so distant future where some clever nasty people start phishing off of people using Safari because of how the bottom bar just disappears into the content. Even when colorized Vivaldi still has a crystal clear separation between UI and content.

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I decided to install Safari's preview version on my Mac today, and I know people have flogged this dead carcass over the past week but damn is it fucking terrible. They rip off Vivaldi wholesale with tab groups and colorization based upon content but fail in really weird amateurish ways to make anything usable.

A few months ago my girlfriend discovered some baby bunnies whose mother was killed by a fox. She nursed them back to health. This is a painting of the littlest one I did for her in casein.

"Why CAPTCHA Pictures Are So Unbearably Depressing" by Clive Thompson

A hilarious read. And yes, I too hate doing free labor for Google, especially when it's a bit creepy and unsettling.

Well, the upgrade to 3.4.1 was FUn. Discovered some issues with my Docker container in the process I guess. I really should clean it up and publish it on DockerHub after I figure out how to do that...

Mastodon requires 3 separate processes, and one, sidekiq, leaks memory like a cheap diaper leaks piss. It slowly consumes storage space because there's no mechanism built in to cull cached avatars and header images of every single person who sees you on Mastodon. To solve these I wrote two cron jobs: one to restart the sidekiq process every 12 hours, and another a hackish attempt to delete unseen month old images. This shouldn't be needed.

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My problems with Mastodon aren't that it's not growing much. It's the fact the software itself is a cancer. It's easily the most greedy software running on my server both in terms of RAM and storage, and that includes when I run a Minecraft server.

*checks Mastodon today*

Oh Gargron is getting rid of the local timeline. This doesn't affect me considering I'm on a single user instance, but I can't see specialized instances surviving without it? Many of them already use Pleroma anyway it seems.

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