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Best option in the abysmal new system settings in Ventura is turning off the "Allow Wallpaper tinting in windows". I literally thought my display was shifting yellow.

A digital painting I've been working on for some time off and on. I can see things to improve on, but I'm calling it done. I've worked on it enough. I enjoyed working on it a lot though, and I set a pretty big challenge for myself with the school of sardines.

As usual more can be read about this work on my blog:

Another older piece. A boat, Allora, floating at the beach at Hope Cove. Gouache on watercolour paper. #gouache #painting #MastoArt

The titanosaurs would have dropped massive poos. There was that one from the deinocheirus, but it was kind of for dramatic effect instead of just being part of the environment which is what I'm thinking is missing.

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Haven't seen the final episode of Prehistoric Planet yet, but I've really enjoyed it so far. I wish each episode were an hour long rather than 30 minutes. My opinion so far has been "That's it?" after the end of every episode. I understand why; it's all CG. It's really well done. Most times I can watch and just forget it's all fake. One major criticism to me is the world is devoid of shit. The pterosaur cliffs should have been covered in filth like those for birds today are.

Footbridge at Blaise
This painting was a challenge to get the shades and values right but it sort of worked in the end. Gouache and watercolour on Saunders Waterford paper. #gouache #watercolor #stream

Oh hmm, a new dragon design but its smallest size is a little too big for the big snap trays (unless I edit out the wing on the right or something) and also I'm of very mixed feelings about "put a carnosaur head on it" dragons.

Work in progress. A mostly hawksbill turtle head. It's not exactly like one, but eh it's my world.

@mastobikes Since the main article is written in Norwegian and "paywalled" (thus most here will not be able to read it) I have a short alternative.

I touched on a couple of the same topics (in a more limited fashion) on this old (2018) blog post on my employer's ( #VivaldiBrowser ) website.

Some thing have changed since then. Most noticeably I bought more cycles, including the Penny Farthing featured above. 😉 (and the Halfbike… and footbike, plus more unicycles… 🤷🏼).

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Quiet weekend, just trying to relax. Up too late tonight. Oh well.

Another Spell animation I did for the game Duelyst. Sadly, Duelyst is not online anymore, but there is a community effort to revive it. #PixelArt #MastoArt #art

New here so thought I'd introduce myself! Hi, I'm Monique, and I'm a wildlife artist from the UK! :) It's good to be here!

I love how Netflix keeps giving me reasons to never subscribe.

I now work a job getting paid what would be less than minimum wage in most western developed economies. Job applications are ignored. I couldn’t imagine the struggle if I had student loans. I am still facing the real possibility of bankruptcy anyway within the next year or two.

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I am one of the lucky ones. I graduated HS with a scholarship that paid my tuition. However, my parents bankrupted themselves and my sister nearly so paying for everything else. It took me seven years to land a good job, and only three after that to lose it.

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I hope student loans are forgiven, and damn the economic repercussions of doing so. Two generations have been lied to saying good paying jobs are at the end of that rainbow, and that paying off loans would be trivial. These are loans many sign when 17 — when they’re minors.

To the few people my post here will reach:

Welcome to the fediverse. If anyone’s old enough to remember Twitter as it was when it started, this place is a bit like that. Your timeline is chronological, and you have to make an effort yourself to discover other people. There’s no algorithm designed to make you engage. What makes it different is that people from different servers can still communicate from one another.

A small bit of progress on what I was working on last. I haven't worked on it much since then, but progress is progress I suppose.

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