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I used Twitter to keep up with friends and the cool stuff they were doing or boosted. Ever since the algorithmic timeline was put into place I either had to use nothing but phone apps or just accept most tweets of those I follow never will show up in my feed. How this is in any way better for the user is a mystery to me. I'll admit there's some discovery-related advantages to it, but the disadvantages greatly outnumber it.

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There's a thread by an ex-Twitter engineer making the rounds, and he has some fair criticisms of Mastodon, but his defense of an algorithmic timeline is absurd.

The chronological timeline isn't great for profits because it doesn't manipulate users into engagement or in Twitter's case... enragement.

So postgres suddenly shut down overnight complaining there’s existing data in the data folder. No shit, Sherlock. It’s been there for 4.5 years. Thankfully, as usual I have regular backups, but jeez it was just a minor version bump yesterday not a major.

Postgres migration wasn't kind to me today. You'd think after years and years of this software's existence they'd make it less esoteric to upgrade versions. I was going to attempt to update Mastodon today, but I'm not sure if I want to mess with that after this ill omen. I did get my docker container to build. Just haven't tried running it on my server.

"ActivityPub Four Years Later: The Good, the Bad, and the Fedi" by @rolltime

A friend just linked me to this talk; it is a great overview of where we're at with ActivityPub and the fediverse, from a technical and cultural POV.

I'll be sad about potentially losing contact with some people because they're either going where I can't follow or choosing to stay put despite knowing full well who owns it and what he stands for. Of course there are those who remain just to antagonize and to shit in that man's corn flakes; bless them. I couldn't do it.

Twitter, like all social media, punished me for not engaging in whatever vitriol of the day was or for not posting rapidly. But, if I did try to say anything or promote my work few people ever saw it. That was the reality of using Twitter for me and for a lot of others since they started curating our feeds algorithmically. So, when I see people sad about its demise I'm confused.

Years ago I quit Twitter entirely for about 6 months. I only returned because I received messages asking if I was okay. I've maintained user stylesheets, scripts, and blocklists ever since in an attempt to reduce the negative engagement the website tried to throw at me every time I was stupid enough to open that tab. I've since rarely said a word on there except to friends, and when I did I usually regretted it.

A little #Procreate animation play (vertical format). Experimenting with the symmetry tool. Started with a very random doodle and used the straight ahead method to let it go wherever! Really tried to not overthink this one 😂

#procreateanimation #2danimation #illustration #framebyframe #art #experimental

@Kunzel Ook! @MK is here, too! You pretty much use it like Twitter, but even though each of us are on 3 different servers we can still talk.

Does amaze me how it's harder now to follow people on other instances than it used to be even though it's always been awkward. Used to you were given this page where you input your username. You were then taken to your instance where you click to follow. Now you copy and paste in the search bar on your instance and hope they show up. It's stupid, and there should be an easier way to work this out.

Alpaca getting into a taxi like it's done it a hundred times before.

It's what the internet is for....

Boost this toot if you're planning on sticking around Mastodon whether or not it becomes more popular than the birdsite.

Tenjutsu+ could be described as a "Karateka" under steroids in which you feel like Neo fighting hundreds of Agent Smith at the same time.
Follow me to get notified when it'll be released :)

I’m quite interested in seeing if I can hook my blog into ActivityPub and largely make posts from there. I’d have a dashboard of sorts to see what others are saying and to make replies to others’ posts. Just thinking out loud and in public. It’s just great that it’s likely possible now especially with the latest migration is exciting.

I haven’t been more excited about the Web since the mid 2000s. I don’t know if Mastodon and ActivityPub in general will be the eventual way forward, but the world will be a better place without Twitter in it.

I have been working with Web technologies since 1992. I have co-founded two browser companies, Opera Software and Vivaldi Technologies. I was CEO at Opera and I am CEO at Vivaldi.

I am a strong proponent of open standards. I believe in building feature rich products that can be adapted to the needs of users without collecting information about usage. I believe no company has the right to profile their users.


Tiny Fantasy (or how I discovered that 8x8px tiles are pretty darn fun) #PixelArt #gameassets

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